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    2023 Quarter 1 Awards

    Quarter 1 (January – March) of 2023 has come to a close and Zodiac Fleet is proud to announce that the following winners of our Quarterly Awards.  It is with great pleasure that I want to announce the following winners: Citation for Gallantry – TIE The Citation for Gallantry is awarded to the players involved in the Zodiac Fleet Post of the Quarter. We are very excited to announce that for post of the quarter we have a tie. They are: From Andromeda – Through the looking glass – Hanafubuki – Goodbye Xu was selected. The post clearly shows just how respected Xu was and that there was great love…

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    Zodiac Fleet Awards 2022

    Another year has past! Was it just me or did or did it flew by? As a fleet we had some amazing stuff happen and because of that we decided to ask everyone is Zodiac Fleet who they think is our best player and simulation and what their favorite post is. Many send in their nominations. Blue, on behalf of the awards committee had taken all the nominations in and processed them. It is with great pleasure that I want to announce the following winners: Game of the Year – Starfleet One Game of the Year was won by Starfleet One. A sim that’s just not simply one sim but…

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    I.R.W. Ourainavassa – The Story so far

    Eisn, the star of the Romulan system, is set to go supernova. Commander Areinnye of the I.R.W. Dominus decided to do something about the Imperial government’s refusal to act, and formed a small crew around herself, in order to begin an evacuation operation. A small flotilla of refugees left Romulus, and Areinnye hired the service of the mercenary known as Raven to acquire a suitable ship to take the refugees to a new home. This plan, however, was never to come to fruition. On their way to securing a D’Deridex-class warbird, Areinnye was called back to the homeworld, leaving Raven and her crew, as well as some of her own…

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    Nova 101

    This guide isn’t really a guide, but an adapted version of the panel we gave during the Khitomer event in February ‘19. I thought it might be useful so I changed it into a guide. A lot of the subjects in this guide will be changed into a guide over time.  We want to show you some amazing things that could improve your website and make things easier for you and your crew. We want to show you examples of what is possible with Nova that you probably didn’t know it could. If you want to know more about something let us know. We plan on writing ‘how to do’…

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    Star Trek Online Fleet

    Hi everyone. I have been asked to help organize a STO fleet for us all. The idea would be to have a fleet for each of the platforms (PC, PS and XB). If enough people are up for it then we can look at creating a fleet for both KDF and Fed side on each. For this to work we will need at least 5 initial members for each platform. I play mostly PC but have access to the other two. It would be great if there are a couple of people willing to take the lead on PlayStation and Xbox though. For now I just need to know whose…

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    USS Gemini, Captain’s Log, May 2021

    USS Gemini, Ship’s Log, Stardate 99011.15 The Gemini is now out of the repair dock. Luckily, the damage sustained from our altercation with the insectoids was not too extensive. Although we had a close call, Al’s presence was not confirmed by the repair crews. We will have to be more careful during future repairs to provide Al with an escape route. We’ve taken on new crew and are about to engage in a battle simulation. The odds are stacked against us, but I look forward to our first opportunity to use the tri-vector assault mode outside of holo-deck simulations. With the new crew, it will also give us a chance…

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    New Sim – USS Pioneer

    The year is 2396. In the aftermath of the Cardassian War, the relationship between Cardassia and the Federation has fundamentally shifted. Cardassia rebuilds as the Federation deploys Starfleet to serve and protect Cardassia and its colonies. Along with this rebuilding, came The New Maquis, and the Obsidian Order. These groups sought to destroy the peace in the sector. Captain Tyler Malbrooke and the crew of the USS Pioneer have spent the past two years risking life and limb for this peace. They have travelled through time and back again. They have fought and bled for the preservation of their home, Empok Nor. Ultimately, the Pioneer emerged victorious. The Obsidian Order…

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    New Sim – T’Pau

    The year is 2163, and the newly-formed United Federation of Planets still exists in an uncertain balance of powers. Captain Varak has taken command of the USS T’Pau, a former Vulcan vessel, with plans to build a highly diverse crew, with species from all over the quadrant – a first for Starfleet. Facing challenges from both within the Federation, and outside of the Federation, it will be up to the crew to help show the power of infinite diversity in infinite combinations.  Join us as we prepare to depart the newly constructed Starbase 11, heading for a remote colony on the edge of explored space. https://uss-tpau.com/

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    New Sim – USS Artemis

    In the Federation any crime is considered especially heinous. In Starfleet the dedicated personnel who investigate the most vicious felonies are members of an elite crew known as the Criminal Investigations Unit. THESE ARE THEIR STORIES… The year is 2162. The Federation is only a year old, and enemies seem to encircle it on all sides. In an effort to stave off the proverbial vultures and allow the idea that is the Federation to alight. A small unit is created within Starfleet. This unit known as the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit (SFCIU) is tasked with pursuing offenders of all kinds and bringing them to justice. Rear Admiral Declan Ford, an…