New Sim – USS Artemis

In the Federation any crime is considered especially heinous. In Starfleet the dedicated personnel who investigate the most vicious felonies are members of an elite crew known as the Criminal Investigations Unit. THESE ARE THEIR STORIES…

The year is 2162. The Federation is only a year old, and enemies seem to encircle it on all sides. In an effort to stave off the proverbial vultures and allow the idea that is the Federation to alight. A small unit is created within Starfleet. This unit known as the Starfleet Criminal Investigations Unit (SFCIU) is tasked with pursuing offenders of all kinds and bringing them to justice.

Rear Admiral Declan Ford, an old veteran of space by this point is given the command of the unit and brings in Captain Marc Kidd to command the ship. This ship, aptly named the Artemis the Goddess of the hunt will be used to hunt down enemies to justice wherever they may be. Ford assembles his crew at Deep Space 4 by the Klingon border.

This intrepid crew will stop at nothing to see justice done. While they accomplish this great feat they will learn about themselves and what their limits are. Exploration will build Starfleet, diplomacy will build the Federation, but justice will prevail when Artemis completes the hunt. This crew will have to prove that where there is justice there is hope.


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