Zodiac Fleet Awards 2022

Another year has past! Was it just me or did or did it flew by? As a fleet we had some amazing stuff happen and because of that we decided to ask everyone is Zodiac Fleet who they think is our best player and simulation and what their favorite post is. Many send in their nominations. Blue, on behalf of the awards committee had taken all the nominations in and processed them.

It is with great pleasure that I want to announce the following winners:

Game of the Year – Starfleet One

Game of the Year was won by Starfleet One. A sim that’s just not simply one sim but more a group of simulations. There’s the Maelstrom, an exploration game, set aboard Deep Space 12, that runs parallel to the first season of Star Trek Picard. There’s Starfleet One is a combination exploration and political game that is set aboard Deep Space 12 in the year 2431, approximately 31 years following the events of Picard Season 1. SF1 explores the golden age of exploration for the Federation, while protecting the galaxy from the Interstellar Coalition. And at last, there’s Federation One, the culmination of the Maelstrom and the SF1 story and is set in the Post-Burn galaxy. In it the crew of SF1 have been thrown forward in time to a galaxy in turmoil after the decimation of all the galactic powers due to the destruction of dilithium. Starfleet One, or more recently called NX Division has won because we believe it is a great community filled with friendly people and the most awesome writers, who create amazing stories.

Player of the Year – Kahless Nestor

Matt is a amazing friend and writer who unfortunately can’t write with us anymore. Even in his absence he will always be on our minds.

For post of the year, we have a tie. Two amazing nominations we recieved both got the same amount of votes. So for 2022 we have two winners for Post of the Year

Post of the Year – Hot Coffee

This post has been nominated because it is a rare look behind the curtain between a Captain and their Yeoman. It is not something that we commonly see, or that I have seen on other SIMS. During the writing of both Sofia Cipriani and Tyler Malbrooke their relationship has blossomed into a big brother/little sister approach where Sofia listens to his woes and gives counsel. He opens up to her and she to him and their dynamic is quite nice to read on ‘paper’. She has grown to trust him and thinks of him as a role model/brother figure in her life whom she can go to in times of trouble. In this particular post is shows love, caring and the vulnerability of a young woman who needs a shoulder to lean on, and the Captain does not disappoint.
It also shows a nice insight into how the Yeoman is played in which she goes in to make sure the Captain is managing alright before the launch of a mission. The insights of him needing coffee and someone to talk to air his concerns and worries.

Post of the Year – Good Girl

There are a lot of reasons why I like this post. I’ve seen a lot of posts over the years, but this one is probably one of the most realistic and raw posts I have ever seen. I couldn’t take my eyes off of it as I read and I really felt for the character as I was reading. It’s intense, but it shows the steps someone has to go through to heal. I enthusiastically support it.


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