Star Trek Online Fleet

Hi everyone.

I have been asked to help organize a STO fleet for us all.

The idea would be to have a fleet for each of the platforms (PC, PS and XB). If enough people are up for it then we can look at creating a fleet for both KDF and Fed side on each.

For this to work we will need at least 5 initial members for each platform. I play mostly PC but have access to the other two. It would be great if there are a couple of people willing to take the lead on PlayStation and Xbox though.

For now I just need to know whose interested and what platform and factions you play on. We can then go from there creating teams of five to start up some fleets.

Norul – Project Destiny

*This message was originally posted on our Discord channel. If you’re interested in participating you should check out the #sto-fleet room on our channel. – Kate*


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