I.R.W. Ourainavassa – The Story so far

Eisn, the star of the Romulan system, is set to go supernova. Commander Areinnye of the I.R.W. Dominus decided to do something about the Imperial government’s refusal to act, and formed a small crew around herself, in order to begin an evacuation operation. A small flotilla of refugees left Romulus, and Areinnye hired the service of the mercenary known as Raven to acquire a suitable ship to take the refugees to a new home. This plan, however, was never to come to fruition. On their way to securing a D’Deridex-class warbird, Areinnye was called back to the homeworld, leaving Raven and her crew, as well as some of her own people, to continue the planned acquisition. 

The first step was to acquire a singularity drive core to power the derelict warbird. In the antique warbird “Raven’s Claw”, the joint crews made their way to a meet with smugglers, which turned out to be a trap set by pirates working for an individual known as Vulture. As the Claw made its way to Drozana station to regroup and resupply, they learned that the same pirate group had attacked the refugee flotilla. Only one ship escaped, with some of the survivors joining the now merged crews. The mission had changed – from a simple evacuation, it had turned into a rescue mission. 

Following the revelation that Raven’s father, Tal Shiar general Varis, had created a prototype Mogai-class warbird, using Federation and even some Dominion technology, the crew changed its target, and finally acquired the ship from the pirates who had stolen it on it maiden voyage. During this operation, the Claw was destroyed. 

The crew, now on the Ourainavassa, returned to Drozana, in order to bring the ship to full operational status, and acquired several small craft. Among them was a small fighter, which was soon revealed to be a timeship, one belonging to the I.S.S. Discovery of the Terran Empire. A quick search of the ship’s database revealed that it had been piloted by the counterpart of Raven’s right hand, former Section 31 operative Ashley Rogers. The Terran Rogers had been investigating strange readings at the Hobus system, and “our” Ash, along with the ship’s pilot, Miles Lynn, and his twin sister, science officer Mila Lynn, went to investigate, finding a strange research station around the Hobus star, heavily guarded by what appeared to be vessels from the future. 

Upon their return, Ourainavassa was contacted by the Terran Rogers, who explained that she was part of a joint Terran-Federation task force, aiming to prevent the station at Hobus from completing its work. Soon, the crew was to be introduced to Commander Rogers’ CO, Captain Freya Mannerheim of the ISS Amelia, who formed an alliance with Ourainavassa when it emerged that the individual called Vulture was working for the people at Hobus – a group calling themselves Zhat Vash, after an ancient sect of hardline Romulans that was the origin of the Tal Shiar. 

During an operation to save another refugee convoy from an attack by Vulture’s forces, Ourainavassa finally came face-to-face with their adversary, who claimed to be Raven’s mother, having abandoned her as a baby. Ourainavassa was heavily damaged in the ensuing fight, and spent some time at Cera, the Lynn twins’ homeworld, for repair, before returning to Drozana. Here, it emerged that the initially assumed timeline until the destruction of Romulus was far shorter than initially believed. Subcommander Kaiae, the senior Romulan, would now work with Lieutenant Hatham, as well as other crew members and their contacts, to accelerate the evacuation of the crew’s family from Romulus, while the Terrans continued their work to find a way to stop whatever was going on at Hobus.

Suddenly, everything was thrown into disarray, when Raven disappeared…


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