IRW Ourainavassa, Captain’s Log, April 2021

Commanding Officer’s Log

Colonel Sehan “Raven” t’Varis, I.R.W. Ourainavassa
Date: 238702.12

Repairs to the ship are well underway. The Battle at the Faraday Nebula has been costly. It has cost me my eye, and ten members of our crew did not survive. Kenny Harrison was killed during the boarding of the enemy Bird-of-Prey. The loss that will be felt most heavily, however, will be that of Gedak, our quartermaster, and my longstanding friend. Being a Ferengi, he always knew how to strike a good deal, and his contacts among the info broker scene were always very useful.

But at least we did not come away from the battle empty-handed. The refugee convoy escaped without taking any losses, and we can finally put a face to our enemy. Captain Risei, or Vulture, as we’ve always known her. She claims to be my mother, who abandoned me as a newborn, but I am not sure if I am willing to believe her. Most importantly, however, we were able to copy 97% of the Bird-of-Prey’s computer data. Lieutenant Lynn is already analysing it, and I hope we will have results soon. With any luck, the logs contained in the files will lead us to Vulture’s base of operations, shed light on her involvement with the Tal Shiar, or even simply tell us what happened to the refugees she abducted. With any luck, all three.

For now, Doctor Gable is forcing me to stay in bed in medbay, but I will be on my feet again soon enough. We may have lost this battle, but it will turn the tide of the war in our favour. We are coming for you, Vulture. And when I am done with you, you will be begging for a quick end.

End recording.


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