New Coach for Phoenix

Hello everyone,

Recently, our dear friend Capt. Hansen – USS Gemini chose to step down as the Coach of Task Group Phoenix.

Captain Hansen has done tremendous work for Zodiac Fleet and has truly helped us to become what we are today. He has left some very big shoes to fill.

After a great deal of time and consideration it has been decided that Johnny will be named the new Coach for Task Group Phoenix in Zodiac Fleet.

Captain Xerix has been involved with Zodiac Fleet in several capacities over the last year and recently assumed command of one of our very first Picard era games: Deep Space Twelve. He had always been willing to lend his assistance to help make Zodiac Fleet a better place for all players and has been a good friend to our fleet. He also has several ideas for the future that will help us to continue to grow.

Please join me in congratulating him on his new role in the Fleet.