Hansen stepping down as Coach

Good Evening everyone,

I am afraid that I have some sad news today. Our dear friend Capt. Hansen – USS Gemini has chosen to step down as a Task Group Coach within Zodiac Fleet. I am deeply saddened by this, but I am perfectly understanding of his reasons. His absence in this role is going to be solely missed.

When we first created the Coach positions he was one of the first persons nominated for the role and won in a landslide. He has been my constant companion in this group, has brought forth many incredible ideas that have made this fleet a better place, and has been a constant advocate for each of you. If he felt something was going to be a challenge for the way this group operated or went against our core values he was one of the first people to passionately defend our values and standards.

One of the biggest challenges of our format is that we don’t have the traditional hierarchy of most fleets. We are a democracy and there is going to be dissent from time to time, but we always have to remain positive in the face of challenge. The roles of Coach and Team Leader can sometimes be misconstrued by people as being a role of authority, but they are meant more as guides and a role where ego is put aside to help keep this group the amazing one that it is.

This understanding is what made Capt. Hansen – USS Gemini such a strong member of our team and is something that I will sorely miss because he truly understood the mission of what we have created here.

At present we are currently considering candidates to follow Capt. Hansen – USS Gemini in this role and an official announcement will occur soon.

A special thanks again to Capt. Hansen – USS Gemini for his years of service to Zodiac Fleet. He will be missed, but I am grateful to know that the Gemini will be remaining with us.


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