A Message on Current Events

Good Evening,

The last few weeks on our world have truly been interesting times for all of us. We’ve seen examples of the best of humanity, we’ve also seen examples of the worst. We all have a common goal of ensuring that both our families and ourselves remain healthy and safe during these turbulent times.

Family is a source of comfort for all of us, especially during trying times. As we all work to protect our families, I want to reassure that our online families are just as important. Zodiac Fleet is more than just a collection of friends, we are a family too. As more and more of us enter into this undiscovered country, remember that your online community is here for you.

Let’s all take steps to help secure our online family. As more and more of us enter into a period of quarantine let’s do our best to keep our online community thriving with discussion and gaming to help keep ourselves thinking of happier times. Social isolation is a real concern for all of us. Please keep your online friends in your thoughts during these trying times.

For the time being I am placing a hold on our logo contest, but we will move forward with the mentor voting later this week. I appreciate all of you who took time to nominate your peers, and I appreciate all who were nominated. I also appreciate everyone who participated in developing logos for the contest. Rest assured this will be revisited.

Thank you all for being part of our family. Let’s all work together as we pursue happier times.



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