USS Gemini, Captain’s Log, March 2020

Captain’s Log, Stardate 47634.44, Captain Sam Hansen Reporting

We’ve arrived at the Draeda V colony in one piece, more or less. We did have a very, startling discovery though.

We had an unexpected rendezvous with Admiral Reskin of Starfleet Security and Romulan Commander S’Til. It seems, Lieutenant Commander Jaeih, was a member of an ultra-conservative Tal’Shiar group opposed to the new Romulan Government. She was involved in the bombing of the Romulan Treaty Ceremony 6 months ago. She also had been the individual who set the DNA bomb up for me. Then she further turned out to be some sort of bug like creature.

Doctor Fula worked with a Romulan doctor and scientist to perform an autopsy on the creature. Although there is more to be investigated, there is evidence to indicate that there is some Xindi DNA in the creature. It’s not much to go on, but a start.

For what was supposed to be a cake walk, this mission has given me a few more grey hairs.

End Log

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