Personal Log – Captain Mannerheim

Personal Log,

Captain Freya S. Mannerheim

Standard date 238704.31

It’s been tumultuous times lately. Since my departure from I.S.S. *Amelia*, I have taken residence in one of *Ourainavassa*’s guest suites, much to the chagrin of the Subcommander. But where else am I to go? I’m surprised Rogers hasn’t made her move yet. She’s been given command of *Amelia* now that I’m officially a traitor to the Terran Empire, and I am sure she is eager to collect the bounty on my head. So why the hesitation?

Lieutenant Lynn has been working with engineering to refit some future tech into *Ourainavassa*’s shield systems to increase their energy efficiency, which will sure come in useful. It’s been decided that we’ll strike first, and send over a small infiltration team to rig *Amelia*’s drive core to blow the moment she tries to use her Spore Drive. With the backdoor access into the computer core, it should be easy enough to make that happen. At least it doesn’t feel like the entire crew on this ship wants me dead anymore, not since my plan to save Arnason from the Tal Shiar actually worked. Well, I better head to the bridge and check on the preparations for the infiltration I guess. It’s going to be a long day.

End log.

Captain F. S. Mannerheim,

Advisor to the acting commanding officer, Independent Romulan Warbird *Ourainvassa*


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