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    I.R.W. Ourainavassa – The Story so far

    Eisn, the star of the Romulan system, is set to go supernova. Commander Areinnye of the I.R.W. Dominus decided to do something about the Imperial government’s refusal to act, and formed a small crew around herself, in order to begin an evacuation operation. A small flotilla of refugees left Romulus, and Areinnye hired the service of the mercenary known as Raven to acquire a suitable ship to take the refugees to a new home. This plan, however, was never to come to fruition. On their way to securing a D’Deridex-class warbird, Areinnye was called back to the homeworld, leaving Raven and her crew, as well as some of her own…

  • Captain's Logs

    IRW Ourainavassa, Captain’s Log, April 2021

    Commanding Officer’s Log Colonel Sehan “Raven” t’Varis, I.R.W. OurainavassaDate: 238702.12 Repairs to the ship are well underway. The Battle at the Faraday Nebula has been costly. It has cost me my eye, and ten members of our crew did not survive. Kenny Harrison was killed during the boarding of the enemy Bird-of-Prey. The loss that will be felt most heavily, however, will be that of Gedak, our quartermaster, and my longstanding friend. Being a Ferengi, he always knew how to strike a good deal, and his contacts among the info broker scene were always very useful. But at least we did not come away from the battle empty-handed. The refugee…

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    New Sim – IRW Ourainavassa

    I am pleased to announce that two new ships have joined our team in recent days: Task Group Phoenix is proud to announce that the Romulan Warbird Ourainavassa has become part of our 24th Century adventures. Set in the era of the deadly Supernova, things are about to heat up.  Feel free to discuss this in our Discord channel or visit them at http://ourainavassa.com/ In closing I want to take a moment again just to say thank you to everyone here. We have one of the greatest groups of people I’ve ever met in our team here. I appreciate every last one of you and enjoy the time we spent together…

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