Poseidon Station, Captain’s Log, April 2021

Captain’s Log

Captain Cornelius “Neil” Harrington
Commanding Officer, Poseidon Station, SB50

Since returning to the station, it’s been one problem after another.   We had a murder,  nanites released into the station’s systems,  and a whole lot of angry diplomats.   This is starting to make my JAG trial on Earth look like a cake walk.  I’d rather be anywhere then here at the moment.

So far there are very little leads into the death of Doctor Salar, or the person who released the “supposedly” inert nanites into our systems.  While Hiro works on a way to separate the nanites from the system,  Sampson is attempting to determine a motive for why all this took place. 

At the moment, our only lead is a few coded messages to T’Shon Station, and that has me worried.  If T’Shon is involved then you can bet that the Breen are involved as well.  It looks like our Breen mystery might be coming full circle.   But to what resolution; we just don’t know.   For now,  we press forward and try to solve this before one of those buggers opens an airlock or something. 

For now, we are trying to keep these malfunctions at bay.  However annoying they might be.  Now, I’m going to attempt to replicate a cup of coffee and pray I actually get coffee, this time.   Last time it was peppermint tea, I hate peppermint.

End Log


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