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    Poseidon Station, Captain’s Log, April 2021

    Captain’s Log Captain Cornelius “Neil” HarringtonCommanding Officer, Poseidon Station, SB50 Since returning to the station, it’s been one problem after another.   We had a murder,  nanites released into the station’s systems,  and a whole lot of angry diplomats.   This is starting to make my JAG trial on Earth look like a cake walk.  I’d rather be anywhere then here at the moment. So far there are very little leads into the death of Doctor Salar, or the person who released the “supposedly” inert nanites into our systems.  While Hiro works on a way to separate the nanites from the system,  Sampson is attempting to determine a motive for…

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    New Sim – Poseidon Station

    Please join me in welcoming Starbase 50 – Poseidon Station to our growing family of games. Poseidon Station is an Ithaca Class Station in orbit above the planet Aquil and is situated 30 light-years from the Breen homeworld. Poseidon uses an open-world concept in its storytelling, focusing on character development and world building. I am certain that I speak for everyone here when I say how excited we are to have Poseidon Station joining us. Please feel free to welcome and discuss Poseidon Station in the #fleet-discussion channel or visit their website at: http://poseidon.mietye.net/index.php/main/index Welcome home Poseidon!

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