Transcript Fleet Meeting 20-12-2020

On December, 20th of 2020 we held one of our Fleet Meetings. Below you’ll find a transcript of that meeting.

====/==== Start transcript Fleet meeting ====/====

Captain Melody Jones – Evening all

KahlessNestor – Afternoon.

Anye Yoshi (USS Aphrodite) – Konichiwa hello

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – puts down glass of egg nog and barrel of rum Happy Holidays all!

Fleet Commander Grinch – Hello all

Cara Letsul – Hello all

Fleet Commander Grinch – Jinx

KahlessNestor – Itunes on shuffle

Col. t’Varis, IRW Ourainavassa – Colonel Sehan t’Varis, IRW Ourainavassa, with apologies for the slight tardiness. Jolan tru, and Season’s Greetings.

Fleet Commander Grinch – We’re doing things a bit different today. We will be having a little bit of meeting and then a fleet roleplay.

Captain Melody Jones – I will have to pop out at 2000

Fleet Commander Grinch – Since we are at a few minutes after lets get started.

Kate – Fleet Assistant – It was 2000 5 minutes ago

Captain Melody Jones – It’s only 1906 here

EMH Mark VII DS12/Falchion – Same here

Fleet Commander Grinch – First and foremost a welcome to all our new members! We are very happy to have had 5 games join us in the past month with 2 more pending. While many may not say this 2020 was actually good to our group. We may have been around since 2001, but I have started to call this our renaissance. We have brought a lot of new people into our family this year.

Kate – Fleet Assistant – It definitely is, yes

Fleet Commander Grinch – And passed our goal of 100 discord participants. We are at 106 as of today

Cara Letsul – Dang

EMH Mark VII DS12/Falchion – It’s crazy to think that this place has been around almost as long as I have

Cara Letsul – That is good

Fleet Commander Grinch – I hope that number continues to grow because this fleet is not about me, it’s not about our committees, and teams. This group is and always will be for our players.

Centurion Ashley Rogers – So how’s this work?

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – Thanks for making me feel old @EMH Mark VII DS12/Falchion

EMH Mark VII DS12/Falchion – Heh, normally when I play games, I’m the one who feels old. Feels good to make someone else feel old

Kate – Fleet Assistant – I just count in trek years, then I’m young again. Almost a baby…

Fleet Commander Grinch – Zodiac Fleet operates as an alliance, a group of players and games who have come to work together to build a stronger whole. The Fleet RP will begin immediately following the meeting. First order for today is an announcement: we have reset the task groups into 3 distinct groups with a task group coach assigned to each. Coaches are different in Zodiac Fleet and are not like the TFCOs of some groups. Our Coach members are here to help when needed. They are a sounding board for ideas and help when needed. They are not a game’s boss.

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – waves

Fleet Commander Grinch – Our first Task Group is called Task Group Mjolnir and it has the following games:

  • Deep Space 12
  • IRW Ourainavassa
  • SS Gavia
  • USS Britannic
  • USS Orion
  • USS Sarek

Our second grouping is Task Group Phoenix which has:

  • Poseidon Station
  • USS Andromeda
  • USS Copernicus
  • USS Gemini
  • USS Merlin

And our third Task Group Titan:

  • Langley Station
  • New Gotham Station
  • Project Destiny
  • Starfleet One
  • USS Aphrodite
  • USS Herodotus
  • USS Valhalla

Now that I am back in the right channel. (hides egg nog he thinks @Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini spiked) If you have any questions about the task groups feel free to reach out.

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – why waste good rum putting it in egg nog? Hansen thinks.

Kate – Fleet Assistant – Just on the rock with it!

Fleet Commander Grinch – @SteveClaypole|CO Britannic is the current Coach for Mjolnir and @Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini is our Coach for Phoenix. Titan is to be determined.

Col. t’Varis, IRW Ourainavassa – Raven shakes her head all you uncultured Starfleet types, messing with a perfectly good rum

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – Here to help guys

Cam Gable: Rum mixed with blood wine is a pretty drink

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – Likewise. And it is for anyone standard player, CO, XO. If you have questions, need advice, need a second set of eyes, or just to vent

Fleet Commander Grinch – For the next matter of discussion (little meeting) I wanted to discuss our fleet teams.

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – ‘Go Team!’

Fleet Commander Grinch – Currently we have the following teams: Awards Team: The awards team helps to create writing awards for our players and games that are available to any Zodiac Fleet member to achieve.

Harrington – Poseidon Station – Phoenix, … I can go for that. Phoenix was the name of my first command back in 94

Fleet Commander Grinch – Membership Team: The Membership Team reviews membership applications and requests for hosting. Recruitment Team: THIS IS A NEW TEAM the Recruitment Team is being developed to assist with advertising for the Fleet.

Col. t’Varis, IRW Ourainavassa – Question, Commander. Does that refer to recruiting sims to the fleet, or players?

Fleet Commander Grinch – Social Media Team: This team is responsible for our social media including our discord, facebook, and Twitter. The recruiting team will help with all aspects of recruiting including for the fleet as a whole and individual games.

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – I can head up/help a recruitment team

Fleet Commander Grinch – I appreciate it. We are very much interested in building these teams.

Kate – Fleet Assistant – I will also be assisting a little bit with recruitment, since I do the fleet website.

Fleet Commander Grinch – If anyone else is interested too please reach out to us. All are welcome.

Kate – Fleet Assistant – Would be awesome to get many people involved with the fleet.

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – Agreed

Fleet Commander Grinch – The final entry I had was I have one last bit of news to explore: I am looking for someone interested in being the Fleet Ombudsman. The Fleet Ombudsman is a person who advocates for others who are experiencing problems and want to remain anonymous.

Harrington – Poseidon Station – anywhere you need assistance, I already spoke to @Kate – Fleet Assistant but I am willing to lend a hand

Fleet Commander Grinch – We have not had very many problems in this fleet and we have an open-door policy, but I know that it can be scary to DM me for some.

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – @Col. t’Varis, IRW Ourainavassa we can assist with sim recruitment, especially once we get our social media stuff sorted

Fleet Commander Grinch – Promises he does not bite

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – Can you elaborate on that one @Fleet Commander Grinch? What are you defining as problem?

Kate – Fleet Assistant – Yes, Social Media. Working on that. Trying to get us a FB page we actually have access to.

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – You sure @Fleet Commander Grinch? I have scars to prove otherwise

Sami – I’m more than willing to help where ever needed!

Fleet Commander Grinch – A problem can be simple like I can’t log in to this new policy is a concern and I think needs investigated

Kate – Fleet Assistant – Any preference? We need help on almost every team.

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – That’s a good start @Kate – Fleet Assistant I’m guessing the one I like on FB is dead now?

Kate – Fleet Assistant – Yes, we haven’t found the person who can access it jet… Once we have that set up we can work on it. Incorporate it in the website and work together to become active in the Social Media world.

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – @Fleet Commander Grinch do you think we’ve had enough issues like that, where we need to have a position like that given the Coaches, who should be doing that type of stuff too?

Sami – @Kate – Fleet Assistant no preference. I’m game for helping anywhere needed. I’m pretty active on social media if that helps at all.

Kate – Fleet Assistant – @Capt Barrett – Media Coord and I have a number of ideas of what we can do. Yes, I’ll add you to the media team!

Fleet Commander Grinch – It is an idea I have been debating. It can be scary to go to the Coaches at times because they can be viewed as part of the Administration

Harrington – Poseidon Station – where ever you need assistance let me know! I know I’m new, but here to help however

Kate – Fleet Assistant – Specially if you’re new to the fleet, don’t know anyone and have a issue with the fleet.

Fleet Commander Grinch – One thing I want to make abundantly clear for everyone is this: we are not like other fleets that some have been part of. This Fleet has a strict policy of open doors and fairness for all. We listen to each person, but I know sometimes people want to be anonymous. This Ombudsman would become the complainant so to speak. If a concern were brought forward

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – I just interpreted the Coaches role as having that sort of servant-leadership role which would include keeping confidence and taking care of the people in their group and also helping them get acclimated as well

Sami – Question! Will this be just one person, or say a team of 2-3 people?

Kate – Fleet Assistant – I’m fascinated by that word. It’s exactly the same word in Dutch. Ombudsman

Capt Talla H’Rhar – USS Sarek – funnily it’s a Swedish word

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – I can’t pronounce it well, my wife laughs at me when I try to say it

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – They’re teams (hopefully)

Fleet Commander Grinch – Om buds man. Is one in his day job

Cara Letsul – sounds like a mantra for meditation

Capt Talla H’Rhar – USS Sarek – oooohhhmm

Kate – Fleet Assistant – man is men in Dutch. So, I always assumed it was a Dutch word

Capt Talla H’Rhar – USS Sarek – I googled it the other day as it came up

Fleet Commander Grinch – Ombudsman is Swedish and means citizen representative

Kate – Fleet Assistant – Will the Ombudsman be a team or one person?

Cara Letsul – It sounds very peaceful

Fleet Commander Grinch – Originally, I viewed it as a role outside of a ‘chain of command’ because of the confidential nature. Essentially, even though I don’t subscribe to I have Fleet Commander in my name so I’m better, I wouldn’t even be told who the concerned party was.

Kate – Fleet Assistant – Off course not, otherwise the function is not useful. Anonymous is anonymous.

Fleet Commander Grinch – It would just be: we received this concern XYZ. It’s something being considered and not final yet. I just wanted to see what others thought. We may discuss more at the next meeting.

Keith Anderson – @Fleet Commander Grinch is there a sto fleet for zodiac fleet

Fleet Commander Grinch – Not yet, but that can be explored too

Kate – Fleet Assistant – Any other questions?

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – I can see that, you know me, I am always concerned with, are we re-inventing a wheel and do we need the position? The premise of our fleet is being positive, open, and honest with each other, no matter the role. Our structure is flat for that reason. I want to make sure we don’t lose that way, which this opens the door, (even if just a tiny bit) from losing that way. Coaches have no power beyond giving advice to everyone, including the big cheese, just like anyone else in the fleet. That’s why I was thinking that the coaches would be able to take that one. And if for example, a member of TF Phoenix didn’t think they could approach me on something (especially if I were the problem), I would have no issue with them going to a different Coach

Capt Talla H’Rhar – USS Sarek – nods

KahlessNestor – I tend to agree.

Capt Talla H’Rhar – USS Sarek – the whole idea for open is that there’s no need for anonymity

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – That’s my 2 cents, 1.6 cents after taxes

KahlessNestor – If we find ourselves flooded with issues and need one later, we can make one (though we might have other problems then… LOL)

Fleet Commander Grinch – I’m not disagreeing and we can table it for now.

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – I tend to agree @Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini

Fleet Commander Grinch – I am starting the roleplay in 5 minutes fyi

Kate – Fleet Assistant – dammit, I can’t type that fast.

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – Dammit Jim, I am a doctor not a secretary!

Kate – Fleet Assistant – *is stealing the spotlight* Ok, so I also had some small things to add. As you must have noticed I’ve been working on the fleet website lately. While many stuff has been done already it’s not nearly done. Also, because I’m incorporating the old fleet wiki in to it and updating that data as well. So far, I got some pages done for our wiki, mainly the main page. It might change, but for now this fit best. If there are people who like to help with the wiki, please contact me. I’m also going to work on a new main page. But as I want to incorporate things from the social media’s in there as well as awards and other updates, that’s something I can’t work on until they are finished

Fleet Commander Grinch – I want to say a special thanks to @Kate – Fleet Assistant for all her work on the website. Her team is also accepting members right now.

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – She’s done an amazing job

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – Indeed, the site looks awesome!

Kate – Fleet Assistant – I’m also working on sim pages. I can’t show you any, since I had to redo them with the TG shuffle. But they will contain a small amount of info and links. I’ve also made it so that any news items of a simulations will be easily found through a link on the sim page.

Wait, I have a team. Where?

Fleet Commander Grinch – @Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini and me

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – You are the team

Kate – Fleet Assistant – I am part of every team, I know that. So, I can incorporate everything with the website. But I didn’t know I also had a team.

Fleet Commander Grinch – And I break the site more than I fix it

SteveClaypole|CO Britannic – true story

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – I can make minor edits and know enough not to blow it up.

Kate – Fleet Assistant – I’m also working on some other things in my role as Command Attaché. (still hate that name). Like writing down the procedure for the membership team etc.

The captain’s log was your thing @Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini still somehow, I had to request them the last two times. If you are really on my team, may I then suggest you do your job….

Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – Yeah, work has been kicking my back side, with the new year, I will be more on it

Kate – Fleet Assistant – You do know I post all those news items under your name, right @Fleet Commander Grinch. Like you posted them yourself.

Fleet Commander Grinch – I learn something new every day

Kate – Fleet Assistant – You have posted about 10/15 posts on the website in the last few months

Fleet Commander Grinch – Cool. Anyway, any other business to discuss?

Kate – Fleet Assistant – I’m done. Just a small request that if there is anyone here who’s good at procedures writing, I’d love some help.

Kate – Fleet Assistant – The other stuff I’m working on I’ll save for the next meeting… If no one has got anything anymore, I will start on the transcript.

Fleet Commander Grinch – Last thing. I took a bit longer than expected today but I wish everyone a happy holiday and a peaceful new year. Zodiac Fleet is thankful for each of you being here with us. You are all amazing people and we look forward to what the future will bring.

Sharpe – XO Gemini – Well said Will – the Zodiac has been a godsend to help through this turbulent year

Fleet Commander Grinch – I’m happy we’re all here to support one another.


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