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  • Transcript Fleet Meeting 20-12-2020

    On December, 20th of 2020 we held one of our Fleet Meetings. Below you’ll find a transcript of that meeting. ====/==== Start transcript Fleet meeting ====/==== Captain Melody Jones – Evening all KahlessNestor – Afternoon. Anye Yoshi (USS Aphrodite) – Konichiwa hello Capt. Hansen – Coach/USS Gemini – puts down glass of egg nog and…

  • A Double Invitation

    It’s with great pleasure that I announce not just one event, but two. On Saturday December 19th Zodiac Fleet will hold our Quarterly Get Together, followed by a Live Roleplaying Game. After the success of the Live RPG we held on Zodiac’s 19th Birthday we discussed repeating the event. The story isn’t fully fleshed out…

  • OOC: January 2020 Membership Meeting Minutes

    A copy of the meeting minutes for the January 2020 Membership Meeting of Zodiac Fleet.