New Sim – Majestic

Hello everyone,

For most of those who know me they know that I have been a roleplayer for a long time. When I first started roleplaying there was a video game called Star Trek Armada that was quite popular. In it you had to build fleets to complete various battles and when you constructed a ship sometimes it would say “We have a new ship for the fleet” as a sound effect. When the leader of our newest addition reached out to me about joining Zodiac Fleet I heard this line in my head. My friends please join me in welcoming the Starship Majestic into Zodiac Fleet.  

She’s not the fastest, the newest nor the fanciest ship – she’s actually been around the block a few times – but is a gem in her own right. Recently, Majestic experienced a change in command and her crew will continue to explore not only the universe but the depths of their own souls.  

The Majestic is made up of a friendly group of writers that love creating stories and diving deep into their characters. I am certain that I speak for everyone in Zodiac Fleet when I say welcome to our family. We’re very happy to have you here with us. Please feel free to welcome the Majestic in #fleet-discussion and remember “We have a new ship for the fleet!”


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