Changing Meta Data

Have you ever noticed that when you put a link of your (Nova) website somewhere a blurb with information appears below it. And do you wonder how you change this? Well that is what I will explain now.

First, I assume you have access to your back end of the website, if not, you need to find someone who has and ask them to do the following steps for you.

  1. Go to application > config and then grab the nova.php file.
  2. Open this file in a program that lets you edit the coding.
  3. Scroll until you find the section about Metadata. Below image 1 shows how that section looks for my website. Change the text so it fits to how you want to appear. Image 2 shows how it looks when I put a link for Langley on Discord.
  4. Save the file and upload it back to your site.
  5. Test it out to see if it worked.

A small extra note: I have a whole list of words in the metatag lines. I don’t really know if it will help with search results etc. That’s not something I really have expertise in. I just have it there with the mindset that it doesn’t hurt to have it. If anyone knows more about that and how we can use it to benefit our site, let me know and I’ll add it to this page.

image 1: Metadata code in the nova.php file
image 2: how it appears on discord if you post a link

How this helps you! If not, feel free to send me a DM!


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