New Sims – USS Copernicus and New Gotham Station/DS5

Good Evening everyone,

I am very excited to announce not one, but two more new additions to our growing family of games. The Starship Copernicus is a Federation Nova Class vessel that’s mission has been built upon the tragedies of the past. While her primary mission it to explore the mysteries of forgotten worlds and civilizations, such as the T’Kon Empire, the ship’s command crew was lost early in their first mission. Now the Ship’s Second Officer has risen to the mantle of Commander and is looking for the next generation of explorers to join them in the final frontier. The Copernicus is a friendly group of writers that are more like a family and are focused on character development and building a rich tapestry of stories.  

An old friend has returned to Zodiac Fleet as well. Deep Space Five, also known as New Gotham Station, is one of the founding members of Zodiac Fleet. Located in the Typhon Expanse, an area well-known for spectacular celestial phenomena and temporal anomalies, DS5 takes its players on a journey far beyond the stars and into missions not for the faint of heart.

Join me in welcoming both these games to our growing family. I am sure I speak for everyone when I say welcome and that we hope you enjoy your time here. Please feel free to say hello in #fleet-discussion .