New Sim – Deep Space 12

Good Evening everyone,

As we prepare for our Fleet Meeting on Saturday, December 19, 2020 I am excited to announce the addition of another game to our growing family.

Located deep in the Alpha Quadrant is the Maelstrom, a realm of danger and intrigue that seems designed to kill even a veteran explorer. When the threat of the Romulan Supernova emerged in the 2380s, the Federation withdrew Starfleet forces and left the worlds of the Maelstrom to fend for themselves. After almost two decades the Federation has decided to return to the region to restore peace with Deep Space 12 at the forefront of the adventure! Set concurrent to the events of the first season of Star Trek: Picard, Deep Space 12 is looking for the brave and the bold to help tame this new frontier.

On behalf of the players of Zodiac Fleet I want to share a warm welcome to our new friends at Deep Space 12. Please feel free to discuss and welcome one another in the #fleet-discussion channel.