A Double Invitation

It’s with great pleasure that I announce not just one event, but two. On Saturday December 19th Zodiac Fleet will hold our Quarterly Get Together, followed by a Live Roleplaying Game.

After the success of the Live RPG we held on Zodiac’s 19th Birthday we discussed repeating the event. The story isn’t fully fleshed out at the moment, except that it will be a party atmosphere. We currently have a few people who signed up. If you’d like to participate check out the room on our discord #winter-wonderland.

Before the live RPG we’d like to discuss a few things with you. Some changes to the fleet but also our plans for the next year.

Don’t forget that you don’t need to be a GM to participate in the meeting. Every member of the Zodiac Fleet is welcome. And you’re a member when you are part of a Zodiac sim.

See you then!


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