Recruitment Ad

Developing Your Ad

Subject Line

This is, surprisingly, the most important part of any advertisement that you post about your game and is like the tagline of a movie poster or trailer. The subject line has to draw the attention of your reader because if they don’t like it or it doesn’t speak to them then no one is going to open the link and read your ad. While the name of your ship or station is important it isn’t important enough for the subject line.

Example Subject Line

  • Eternity Awaits Beyond the Final Frontier
  • On the Verge of Peace… On the Brink of War…
  • One Rebellion to Save Paradise
  • Step into a Larger Universe.
  • The Battle for Earth Begins…
  • The Battle for Peace Begins…


Among the most important parts of any advertisement is there has to be something that sets your game out from the rest of the crowd. What is it that makes your game special and that someone should consider being part of it over another game? More importantly what would make them stay if they did join? Is your game a specialty game that focuses on a distinct area? Is your crew unique in some way compared to the rest of the galaxy? What is the reason above all others that a player should pick you? You can choose to post what openings you have or you can leave that section to the website.

Example Body

Five years ago a brutal attack devastated the worlds of the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans. In the span of a single night millions were killed, entire planets were decimated, and the Federation was nearly brought to its knees. What was designed to destroy had an unintended side effect though: it created a new Federation Alliance bent on peace and exploration of the galaxy. But no one can forget that horrific day. As old rivalries and infighting threaten to shatter the fragile peace Starfleet has created a specialized group of officers with the freedom to do whatever is needed to protect the Federation from the darkness of yesterday. Made of the best and the brightest, these intrepid officers will go where none have gone before to protect the Federation.

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of the universe?

Example Body – Specialty Game

A wise man once said that ‘Space is disease and danger wrapped in darkness and silence.’ For the crew of the Hospital Ship Hippocrates this is the daily truth. As these brave men and women take on medical cases that no one else could dream of we get to see the heartbreak, triumph, loss, love, and sacrifice they experience every day. Join us and make a real difference in the lives of our patients.


Brevity is one of the most important aspects of an advertisement these days. You need to quickly draw your potential player in and let your website/wikisite draw them in further.


When you develop an advertisement make sure that you have one thing prominently placed: the URL to your game. You can have the best advertisement, the best tagline, but forgetting the URL is one of the most unprofessional things you can do. You can place the URL at any point in the ad, but make sure it is easy to find for your reader. Forcing a potential applicant to look for your URL causes frustration and makes them less likely to join. However, if you choose to put your link at the beginning I strongly recommend having it again at the end of your ad again so that your potential player doesn’t have to search through the ad again for the link.

A Picture?

One important thing to remember is keep things professional and tasteful. If you choose to have a picture make sure that it is as unique as you can make it, but it has to be appropriate. Further, some recruitment sites may not allow your picture to be shared if you send one. With some groups if you post a recruitment advertisement with a photo they may even restrict your posting or remove you from the mailing list. Make sure you don’t break their rules.