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    Posting Ideas

    All writers – from veteran writers to newcomers – will run into situations where they may have difficulty coming up with an idea of what to write. To help with this we have developed Posting Ideas to help you overcome your writer’s block General Posting Ideas A computer malfunction reassigns your character to another department for a duty shift. A malfunction in your quarters mean you have to share a room while repairs are being made and you don’t get along with your new roommate. Your character celebrates a holiday. Your character checks on the personnel assigned to your department. Your character decides to go back to school and takes a correspondence…

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    Recruitment Ad

    Developing Your Ad Subject Line This is, surprisingly, the most important part of any advertisement that you post about your game and is like the tagline of a movie poster or trailer. The subject line has to draw the attention of your reader because if they don’t like it or it doesn’t speak to them then no one is going to open the link and read your ad. While the name of your ship or station is important it isn’t important enough for the subject line. Example Subject Line Eternity Awaits Beyond the Final Frontier On the Verge of Peace… On the Brink of War… One Rebellion to Save Paradise…

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