New Sims – Aries, Herodotus & Liberty

The 16th Fleet has been lucky in the last several weeks to have experienced the growth of our organization as new friends join our efforts to have a group run by gamers for gamers. It is my pleasure to announce that we have had three more additions to our group in the last few weeks, bringing us to 13 games within our growing organization.

The Starship Aries is a Defiant Class starship that was launched to carry out the missions that no one else could accomplish, starting their career during the Dominion War until they vanished without a trace. 20 years have passed and now the Aries is back with secrets of her own ready to be explored. The Aries is also the first Marine game ever in the history of the 16th Fleet!

Out of luck our next new arrival is the perfect choice to help someone who is out of time. The Timeship Herodotus is part of the Department of Temporal Investigations and is a civilian vessel that is on loan to Starfleet. It has a mission unlike any other: to patrol time itself and to rescue anyone, or anything, stranded in time. Do you have the time or the patience?

Last, but certainly not least, is a vessel tasked with exploring and protecting the Cardassian Border. The Akira Class Starship Liberty, a veteran of the Dominion War, has been tasked with keeping the fragile peace along the Demilitarized Zone. Under the command of an experienced Captain, her mission will bring her face to face with events unlike any other.

Please join me in giving each of these vessels the warm welcome that they deserve.

Rear Admiral Gregory Coulson
Fleet Commander


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