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    USS Herodotus is no more

    Hello everyone, Over the last few weeks I have had the opportunity to announce a lot of exciting developments within Zodiac Fleet. Tonight I am afraid that I have to share a sad one. My dear friend Maj Patton has shared that the Timeship Herodotus has chosen to close. The Herodotus is a fascinating game. Set aboard a Federation timeship in the late 24th Century, the mission of the Herodotus is to both explore and protect time itself. I will deeply miss the Herodotus, but I surely wish each and every member of the team aboard it well. They are now and always will be part of the Zodiac Fleet family.…

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    New Sims – Aries, Herodotus & Liberty

    The 16th Fleet has been lucky in the last several weeks to have experienced the growth of our organization as new friends join our efforts to have a group run by gamers for gamers. It is my pleasure to announce that we have had three more additions to our group in the last few weeks, bringing us to 13 games within our growing organization. The Starship Aries is a Defiant Class starship that was launched to carry out the missions that no one else could accomplish, starting their career during the Dominion War until they vanished without a trace. 20 years have passed and now the Aries is back with…