Deep Space 12, Captain’s Log, April 2021

Captains log.

Captain Indrala Xerix
Commanding Officer, Deep Space 12

The sixth fleet, under the command of Admiral Hansen has placed Rubicun III under blockade. That Hansen would do such a thing is terrible, but that thousands of Starfleet personnel are blindly following his orders is incomprehensible.

His fleet, after securing Rubicun III, has moved into a massive asteroid field known as The Quarry. Commodore Oshrav has assembled a response force and entered the asteroid field to deal with this insurrectionist.

Meanwhile, our teams are moving to deal with the lone vessel in orbit of Rubicun, and whatever ground forces are threatening the Edo people. It’s especially disheartening that Rubicun has only fully joined the Federation recently, and now they are staring down the barrel of a coup attempt.

Admiral Nuecylle is remaining to run the station. I think this is partially because he wants to give me field command experience, but more so to avoid the appearance of bucking for power himself.

No matter how this turns out, it’s still a fight between brothers-in-arms. It’ll be a black mark on Starfleet for the foreseeable future


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