Langely Station, Captain’s Log, April 2020

“Monthly Update for Starfleet Command” Kate said to start the new report she had to send in. Normally Ron would do this, but he was on a mission so the task had fallen back to her.

“It’s been almost six months since the station got activated here and I think we’ve almost completed settling in. We’re still looking for some people in key positions, but overall, all department have everything they need to run.

This week has been a bit slower due to a simple virus that somehow got through the filters and caused many crew to be sick and unable to work. Engineering says the filters have been fixed and medical reports most crew will be ready to work in a few days.

Most actions on the station are just normal activity of what you’d expect on a frontier station. The research department is working hard on finding a way to reverse the planets soil problem. Other then that the XO is on a away mission with a small team. The Sedna is on a diplomatic mission, they’re due back in a couple of days. The Canterbury is about to set of on its first big mission since joining Langley. They have a 3-month survey mission planned of the space surrounding the station.

That’s it for this month.” Next month’s update would hopefully be done by Ron, Kate thought. She hated jobs like this.


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