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  • New Sim: Federation One

    Hello everyone , For those of you who do not know today is my birthday and I get to share a celebratory bit of news with each of you. Zodiac Fleet has grown once more with the official addition of Federation One into our growing group. Federation One is a spin-off of the long running…

  • Starfleet One, Captain’s Log, April 2020

    “This is Starfleet One declaring an emergency! We’ve been attacked by an unknown force and we’re adrift with no power. The two other ships in our convoy have been destroyed. We need immediate help. Please… we have the President on board!”

  • Journal of President Gruzy – December 2019

    The following is a personal journal entry from Gruzy of New Xindus, President of the United Federation of Planets. I find myself troubled by another event of which I have no control. I am the President of the United Federation of Planets, many would call me the most powerful person in the galaxy, yet I…