Project Destiny, Captain’s Log, October 2020

Since my arrival I have been greeted by the CEO of the company. A strange kind of man, who insists on a place in one of the two main teams here. His team, is currently undergoing preparations for a mission of his own. A personal family matter, but as it is his resources I have been given charge of, I must allow him to use them as he see’s fit.

My other main team; team alpha, has been charged with the responsibility of investigating the collapse of the star in the Herrendez system. A strange happenstance that I am convinced is more than meets the eye. Star Fleet of course has washed their hands of the matter, putting it down to an act of nature. But I refuse to stand by whilst the whole population of a planet is displaced or killed. This must be investigated to the highest measure, with no stone left unturned.

We must give justice to the people of Rom….computer delete last word….Herrendez prime. We must.


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