The 16th Fleet and is members are always welcome to new games and players joining us in our adventures. Through this section an applicant can choose to apply to join the 16th Fleet as a player or they can choose to join the 16th Fleet by creating a game or bringing an existing simulation into our growing community.

The 16th Fleet has a strong player focus and is working to build a sense of community online. We accept players regardless of their level of simming experience and, by joining, a player agrees to be an active participant of the game he/she joins and to follow the game rules. Players will develop an original character to play as within the 16th Fleet and are invited to participate in our membership meetings to build a stronger game where each player has an equal voice. Above all every player agrees to treat others in our community with dignity and respect and we will afford every player a chance to grow within our online circle of friends.

Game Masters of the 16th Fleet oversee the operations of their game and make decisions to make their simulation the absolute best that it can be. The Game Manager works with players to develop a positive and rewarding roleplaying experience, while also overseeing administrative and narrative control over the simulation. Every Game Master also is invited to take part in the 16th Fleet Leadership Council as well as the Membership Meeting.

For more information on the responsibilities of Game Managers and Players in the 16th Fleet please visit our Game Managers and Player Member page.

Game Manager Application – Please use this application to apply to serve as a Commanding Officer of a simulation in the 16th Fleet or to bring an existing simulation into the 16th Fleet.

Player Application – Please use this application to apply for any role aboard a ship aside from the position of Game Manager.