Taskgroup Cetes

Zodiac Fleet fourth, and one of the two newest taskgroups of our fleet. Named after the seamonster Cetus, who was a minion of Poseidon. 

Task Group Coach - Captain Cornelius Harrington

Poseidon Station

Situated 30 light-years from the Breen homeworld, Poseidon stands ready to protect nd defend our borders, while continuing its goal of exploration.

Status: Active

USS Andromeda

The Andromeda is a Galaxy Class Starship exploring beyond the Briar patch into uncharted territory in the Beta Quadrant.

Status: Active

USS Copernicus

The USS Copernicus investigates space along the Romulan Border, in order to unearth hidden mysteries from ancient civilizations.

Status: Active

USS Majestic

She’s not the fastest, the newest nor the fanciest ship, but a gem in and of her own right. While the ship explores the expanding universe, the crew continues to explore the depths of their souls.

Status: Active