Taskgroup Ancile

Zodiac Fleet’s fifth and one of the two youngest taskgroups. Named after the shield of the god Mars, which according to legend fell from the sky during the second king of Rome’s reign. He had 11 copied made and as long as they were held in the temple of Mars, Rome would hold sovereignty. 

Task Group Coach - Captain Kate Banninga

Langley Station

Langley Station is strategically positioned near the Cardassian demilitarized zone, in geosynchronous orbit above Lyshan Prime with a Federation colony.

Status: Active

Project Destiny

Project Destiny is a clandestine section of Destiny Inc. They do various assignments around the galaxy. From gathering intel to providing security.

Status: Active

USS Merlin

This beautiful giant protects an unknown area of space near the Romulan Empire. As well as having a renewed focus on exploration and discovery.

Status: Active

New Vulcan

More info to come…

Status: Active

USS Pioneer

The crew of the USS Pioneer are tasked with ensuring the peace, before all out war breaks out, and the Federation find themselves in a middle of a war.

Status: Active