Taskgroup Titan

Zodiac Fleets first and oldest taskgroup, Titan has been around for a number of years. Named after the Twelve primal gods in Greek Mythology. 

Task Group Coach - Admiral Gregory Coulson

Starfleet One

Starfleet One, the military vessel assigned to transport the Federation President and staff explores the political realm of the final frontier.

Status: Active

Deep Space Five - New Gotham

Located in the Typhon Expanse, an area well-known for spectacular celestial phenomena and temporal anomalies, DS5 takes its players on a journey far beyond the stars and into missions not for the faint of heart.

Status: Active

Federation One

While on a routine mission an accident has propelled Starfleet One to a strange, new region of the galaxy. Most of the ship’s crew are injured, some are dead, and others are missing. The ship itself is battered and broken, most of the doors won’t even open, and they are adrift in a sea of stars.

This is the birth of Federation One.

Status: Active