Taskgroup Titan

Zodiac Fleets first and oldest taskgroup, Titan has been around for a number of years. Named after the Twelve primal God in Greek Mythology. 

Task Group Coach - Captain Logan Barrett

USS Orion

The Orion’s mission is to bridge relations with several Romulan factions, promote peace and investigate an unexplored border region.

Status: Active

Deep Space Five - New Gotham

Located in the Typhon Expanse, an area well-known for spectacular celestial phenomena and temporal anomalies, DS5 takes its players on a journey far beyond the stars and into missions not for the faint of heart.

Status: Active

Starfleet One

Starfleet One, the military vessel assigned to transport the Federation President and staff explores the political realm of the final frontier.

Status: Active

USS Sarek

The Sarek, a Sovereign class vessel, is a sim that explores the parallel universe where Romulus never was destroyed. 

Status: Active

Your Command Here?

Do you have what it takes to become a succesful Game Master. Contact us if you’re interested.  

Status: Active