Taskgroup Phoenix

Zodiac Fleet’s Second taskgroup, named after the mythical Phoenix who overcomes everything and rises from the ashes. 

Task Group Coach - Captain Sam Hansen

USS Gemini

A new threat looms on the horizon, one which needs making hard choices for survival. Leading the vanguard to face the threat is the USS Gemini.

Status: Active

USS Aphrodite

The USS Aphrodite, an intrepid class ship based in 2395! Stationed out in the Delta Quadrant! Exploring where Captain Janeway once did!

Status: Active

IRW Ourainavassa

A freelance ship affiliated with the Romulan Star Empire. Their mission: rescue the refugees, and find somewhere for them to call home… 

Status: Active

USS Trident

Captain Rollins and the crew of the USS Trident must do everything in their power to halt the Klingon advance and begin to drive the Klingon Empire back before Starfleet has no option but to surrender….

Status: Active