Task Groups

Zodiac Fleet games are divided into different Task Groups, each headed by a Task Group Coach.


TaskGroup Phoenix

Zodiac Fleet’s Second taskgroup, named after the mythical Phoenix who overcomes everything and rises from the ashes.


TaskGroup Mjolnir

Zodiac Fleet’s Third taskgroup. Named after the hammer of Thor.


TaskGroup Cetus

Zodiac Fleet fourth, and one of the two newest taskgroups of our fleet. Named after the seamonster Cetus, who was a minion of Poseidon.


TaskGroup Ancile

Zodiac Fleet’s fifth and one of the two youngest taskgroups. Named after the shield of the god Mars.

Support Divisions

To help with the day-to-day dealings of the fleet we’ve created teams with members who are passionate to help grow our fleet. 

Zodiac Academy

The Academy is here to help writers and GM's further their knowledge.

Outreach Team

The Media team is responsible for the fleet's online presence.
Either on Social Media as our website.

Membership Team

The Membership team handles our recruitment as a fleet, assist GM's with recruitment and discussed new GM applications.

Awards Team

The Awards team provides and coordinates the awards.