Project Unity

Project: Unity is an initiative undertaken by the members of the 16th Fleet to develop a more inclusive simming environment on the internet. As many of us have had negative experiences within the gaming environment, this Project is an effort by many different online groups to develop a positive atmosphere for online gaming. In the end this initiative is about developing a community of friends.

Friendship Treaty: Groups creating a Friendship Treaty with the 16th Fleet will have a link placed on the main website of the 16th Fleet and will have an ambassador assigned who will work on developing the relationship between the two groups and building a stronger friendship. This Ambassador will join any social media related to the group entering into friendship with the 16th Fleet. As part of the Friendship Treaty the two groups can engage in a Player Exchange Program. The Player Exchange Program allows for a player or player(s) from both group to temporarily take part in a game belonging to the other group in an effort to learn from one another.

Alliance Treaty: Those joining in an Alliance Treaty with the 16th Fleet will have all of the benefits of the Friendship Treaty. All members of both groups are invited to take part in a community discord channel and joint missions between the groups can occur. A representative from the alliance is allowed to also participate in the membership meetings of the 16th Fleet, but would not be allowed to vote on issues that arise.

Membership Treaty: Under a Membership Treaty both groups become fully connected with the two groups merging. This allows for full integration of the groups under the same organizational structure, resource sharing, and operational support. All players would be invited to participate in membership meetings with the right to vote on group concerns. Webhosting may be provided for games on a case by case basis due to subdomain availability.