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The Leadership Page describes the responsibilities of all Players in the 16th Fleet.
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This is your character's name. Please try to keep your character's name realistic depending on the species that your character is playing. If you are having problems developing a name you can visit sites such as Memory Alpha to look at a list of characters of that species for help with coming up with a name. You may also use Fantasy Name Generator to create a character name.
This is how old your character is. You do not have to place a year, just put the years in numeric format. Remember all characters must be, at minimum, 21 years of age unless he/she is a cadet.
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This is the species of your character. We have placed a listing of the most common races encountered in the Star Trek Universe to choose from. Should you want to play a hybrid character that is permitted, but keep the hybridization believable and do not exceed two races. Please specify the hybrid races in your character biography.
For this section of your application you are asked to discuss your character's biography, including career and personal highlights. This portion can be as long and as detailed as you wish for it to be. Please discuss items such as schooling, family information, and career highlights in this section of the application. If your character received any commendations or reprimands during their history please include them in this section. Please note that the Cadet Cruise takes place during the Senior Year of Academy training and the character will hold the rank of Cadet during the Cadet Cruise and a standard assignment aboard a starbase/starship is a 2 year assignment.
You are on your way to the Mess Hall when the Red Alert warnings are signaled throughout your ship. Before you can react the entire vessel rocks with the impact of a torpedo and you're knocked off your feet. The lights flicker and sparks fly from a nearby workstation as the red alert light casts eerie shadows through the corridor. You can hear another crewmember screaming for help nearby, but you need to get to your station. What do you do?