Fleet Leadership

For most decisions the 16th Fleet is a truly democratic organization in which each player has an equal opportunity to be involved in the decision making process; nonetheless, for some matters, this can be considered impractical. For this reason the 16th Fleet has created the position of Fleet Commander to handle the routine, day to day, operations of the organization, and implemented a Fleet Leadership Council consisting of all Game Managers.

The Fleet Leadership Council, also known as the Moderator Council, is a group consisting of all Game Managers presiding over a member game of the 16th Fleet. These players participate in a closed discussion group where matters can be brought to the attention of the Fleet Commander for discussion. Upcoming items of discussion can be brought before the Leadership Council for consideration before being brought to the entire group for discussion. As needed the Fleet Commander will generate a discussion involving the Leadership Council regarding a matter and will call upon the Moderator Council to make the decision regarding the action. These polls are conducted on the closed Moderator Council Message Board with the decision results being posted at their conclusion. These decisions are considered binding decisions. The Leadership Council may also begin the process to remove a player, including another Game Master, as needed in the event that the safety of the organization is at risk. Members of the Leadership Council may also be called upon for increased responsibility in day to day operations as needed by the Fleet Commander.

The Fleet Commander works to ensure that the needs of the group are being met. This member’s first responsibility is to the group membership as a whole and will work with them to develop a positive gaming environment. The Fleet Commander is responsible for administrating the Membership Meeting and the development of an appropriate agenda of discussion. If a matter is of importance that impacts all players of the group the Fleet Commander will bring the discussion to the players, traditionally through the Discord or Fleet Group platform, for consideration. In some instances where this may be impractical the Fleet Commander may act in order to resolve the issue so long as the best interests of the group as a whole were the driving factor.

The Fleet Commander is tasked with ensuring that the group rules are being followed and for fairness in decision making. Through this the Fleet Commander works closely not only with players but also with the Game Managers to ensure that player needs are being met. The Fleet Commander may be called in to assist with issues of severity that arise during operations and can make decisions related to discipline in the event that the entire group is at risk due to an action taken by a player. The Fleet Commander has the authority to remove any player from the group if he/she has taken an action that could be seen as damaging to the 16th Fleet and its members. The Fleet Commander may involve the Fleet Leadership Council in these decisions or may remove the player on his or her volition so long as a conflict of interest does not exist. In instances where a conflict may exist the Fleet Commander will defer the decision to the Fleet Leadership Council.

The Fleet Commander will work to develop connections between our group and other organizations in the roleplaying community. The Fleet Commander will develop relationships with other fleets as part of these responsibilities and will oversee general recruitment objectives for the group as a whole. Through this, the Fleet Commander can make arrangements to bring new, existing groups into the 16th Fleet. The Fleet Commander can appoint players to assist in these operations as needed so long as it is in the interest of effective group administration.