Name: U.S.S. Aries
Registry: NCC-28115
Assigned Division
Status: Active

Featured Open Positions:
Featured Open Positions
Chief Engineering Officer
Chief Flight Control Officer
Chief Intelligence Officer
Chief Medical Officer
Chief Security/Tactical Officer

The USS Aries is a Defiant class vessel that has been specially designed for Special Operations under the direction of the Federation Marine Corps. A recent addition to the 16th Fleet, the Aries has recently emerged from a temporal rift. The Aries is heavily damaged, has multiple crew fatalities, and is adrift. The last thing anyone remembers was engaging the Dominion in the year 2375 in an effort to stop the Jem'Hadar from changing history to their advantage. Right now we are knuckling down like a good Marine does to adapt to our new surroundings and get back to friendly waters before our situation grows worse.