USS Trident


Assigned Division: Task Force Phoenix

Status: Active

About the Simulation

In 2293, the Federation opened peace talks with the Klingon Empire after the Klingon moon Praxis exploded due to heavy mining.

However, while the Enterprise escorted Chancellor Gorkon through Federation space, two Federation assassin’s disabled the Chancellor’s ship, Kronos One, and beamed aboard and killed Gorkon.

Gorkon’s daughter, Azetbur, was named Chancellor and wanted to push through peace talks with the Federation. This was a ploy to get the Federation President into the open so she could avenge her father’s death.

Once the Klingon’s assassinated the Federation President, they quickly withdrew from Khitomer and Chancellor Azetbur declared war on the Federation.

Now, the year is 2296 and the war continues. Starfleet has taken heavy losses but the Klingon Empire continues to push into Federation held territory.

Captain Rollins and the crew of the USS Trident must do everything in their power to halt the Klingon advance and begin to drive the Klingon Empire back before Starfleet has no option but to surrender….

Command Staff

Commanding Officer – Captain Felix Rollins

Executive Officer – Lieutenant Commander David Arbroath