Project Destiny

Registry: n/a

Assigned Division: Task Force Phoenix

Status: Active

About the Simulation

What started out as a background story for a character, over the years grew into a mission of its own, and even lead to a simulation of its own. Project Destiny started out as a spin off from Langley Station.

The Project Destiny is the clandestine section of Destiny Inc. They do various assignments around the galaxy. From gathering intel to providing security. They are basically a legal version of guns for hire.

They have a number of teams and a support team at Homebase, Earth. Homebase provides technical support as well as assistance with research and communication. With thanks to the technical support team they possess the latest in technology as well as a Arrow class runabout, outfitted for the needs of the teams.

Command Staff

Commanding Officer – Norul 

Executive Officer – David Banninga