Poseidon Station

Registry: Starbase 50

Assigned Division: Task Force Phoenix

Status: Active

“No Hero is above fear… and you have risen above every hero.” ~Poseidon

About the Simulation

Welcome to Poseidon Station, with the Romulans still in the state of a Civil War and the Typhoon Pact is slowly collapsing, the Breen Confederacy is striking out. Once cloaked in a shroud of mystery the Breen are advancing forward with an ever-increasing determination. With the Breen on the rise and moving ever closer to Federation space, it is vital that Poseidon establishes a strong foothold. So, we fight, and we push back the advances of a formidable enemy.

Poseidon focuses on character development and creating our world around us. We are not your typical game whose focus is on a single mission to create our stories. Here on Poseidon, we operate on an open-world concept. With a station at our disposal, a planet to explore, and an entire sector of space at our fingertips, we provide our writers with limitless opportunities to develop their characters or assist in the development of other characters.

Poseidon is an Ithaca Class Station set in geosynchronous orbit above the planet Aquil, an aquatic world and newest member to the Federation. Situated 30 light-years from the Breen homeworld, Poseidon stands ready to protect the Federation and defend our borders, while continuing on the Federation’s goal of exploration. With missions and openings for nearly all levels of expertise, we welcome all players; skilled and novice alike.

Command Staff

Commanding Officer – Cornelius Harrington III

Executive Officer – Seklar