IRW Ourainavassa


Assigned Division: Task Force Phoenix

Status: Active

About the Simulation

The year is 2386, and the star of the Hobus system is about to go supernova, threatening the continued existence of the planet Romulus.

When Commander Areinnye of the IRW Dominus hired the mercenary only known as Raven to acquire an old warbird and provide escort to a flotilla of refugee ships, nobody could have expected things to go this wrong.

A few months later, the plan has derailed entirely. The flotilla has been lost, captured by unknown attackers, with only a handful of crew escaping to tell the tale. Areinnye herself was forced to return to the homeworld, leaving a freshly-promoted Subcommander in her stead. The mercenary Raven has been given a (seemingly authentic) commission into the Tal Shiar, to continue the original mission: acquire a ship, rescue the refugees, and find somewhere for them to call home…

Command Staff

Commanding Officer – Colonel Sehan t’Varis

Executive Officer – Major Kaiae t’Lien