Deep Space 12

Registry: DS-12

Assigned Division: Task Force Phoenix

Status: Active

About the Simulation

The Maelstrom is a volatile region of space located near Badlands and the Briar Patch, on the edge of Federation, Klingon, and Cardassian territories, and has sparked the interest of other groups as well. It is a dangerous region of space, filled with subspace rifts, quantum destabilization, and high radioactivity, previously believed to make planets in the region uninhabitable.

Recent advancements in terraforming technologies have opened several of these planets up for colonization, and the last twenty years have seen the Maelstrom transition into a viable Federation hub.

The year is 2399 and a growing sentiment among the Federation is that Starfleet is no longer capable of truly defending the people it serves.

Join us on Deep Space Twelve and the USS Falchion, as we attempt to regain Starfleet’s former reputation as a moral yet capable group. We will continue to explore the Maelstrom, seeking new life and new civilizations. But protecting those already entrusted to us.

Command Staff

Commanding Officer – Captain Indrala Xerix

Executive Officer – Commander Cirila Ylvor