New Sim: Federation One

Hello everyone ,

For those of you who do not know today is my birthday and I get to share a celebratory bit of news with each of you.

Zodiac Fleet has grown once more with the official addition of Federation One into our growing group.

Federation One is a spin-off of the long running Starfleet One roleplaying game. After a freak accident, Starfleet One has been pulled through time into the dangerous and deadly 32nd Century. In this brave new galaxy they’ve entered the Federation is a shadow of its former self. Hundreds of worlds have fled following a devastating disaster known as the Burn. Now, Starfleet One is a stranger in this strange land and struggling to survive in a galaxy fueled by fear.

I am very excited for this new adventure in our Zodiac Fleet family as both Federation One and Starfleet One will continue to serve together within our group.

Please feel free to welcome them to our family in fleet-discussion on our Fleet Discord channel

Thanks for your time,


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