Journal of President Gruzy – December 2019

The following is a personal journal entry from Gruzy of New Xindus, President of the United Federation of Planets.

I find myself troubled by another event of which I have no control. I am the President of the United Federation of Planets, many would call me the most powerful person in the galaxy, yet I am at the whim of something that even supersedes me. The Cardassian Union has returned to the Bajorans an Orb, a relic of unquestionable power, that the Bajorans view as a gift from the Prophets. Every Orb encountered so far would glow with an inner, sapphire energy that bathed all that encountered it in what almost felt like an embrace. Instead this Orb glowed crimson with a power so great, yet felt of hatred and contempt. It was enough to make the sanest go mad.

Starfleet is escorting the Orb back to Bajor under heavy guard, but even that is too much to give me solace. Instead if fills me more with dread. The red Orb is from mythology a representative of the Prophet’s opposite, the Pah’Wraith, and its return signifies a period of incredible hardship for the Bajorans. My fear is that the return of this relic will begin a period of tribulation for the Bajorans. I intend to send Starfleet One to support Bajor as soon as it finishes with its current mission.

If it survives that is. At last report my flagship was still in orbit of the replica Earth that they had come to call Atlantis. The citizens there had chosen to execute one of their own – whom the crew of Starfleet One had actually rescued while on a test of a Faster than Light Drive – but were drawn further in by the emergence of a situation none had expected. They found a Preserver ship in orbit adrift. It captured members of their crew and the ship’s artificial intelligence, subjecting and bending each of them to its will. We’ve lost contact, but long range sensors still detect both ships in orbit. I only hope that they are able to resolve this before the situation grows more dire than it already is.

Gruzy of New Xindus
United Federation of Planets


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