Welcome to Zodiac Fleet – the Federation’s 16th Fleet

Welcome to The Federation’s 16th Fleet, also known as Zodiac Fleet, a roleplaying community built by gamers for gamers! 


20 years ago a group of friends who had been burned by their former fleet banded together with an idea that was unique at the time: to develop a group by players for players.

It was a bit controversial at the time. At the time any Fleet needed firm rules, strict discipline, and most importantly it needed to be controlled if it were to thrive. These friends chose to go against all of that and pursue a group that was really just out to have fun and where the games themselves could manage how they saw fit. It was an experiment that many thought was doomed to failure, many said it would last a month tops, but 20 years have passed and Zodiac Fleet is stronger than ever. 


In 20 years we have seen both sunny and cloudy days, but our family has weathered each of these storms with daring and tenacity. We have had our family grow with new people and we’ve seen some leave us over the years. We have had births in our family and we have had some pass on to the next phase. Some games even have their original leader’s next generation getting involved. That is what is amazing about this group: it is a family first and foremost. I can safely say that each and every person here cares for one another and that is what makes us unique. That is what has put us on the map.