Player members


Leadership truly begins with the player in the 16th Fleet.

Persons participating in our games are expected to treat others with dignity and respect at all times. All players are expected to be active participants in the game that they have joined. This means that the player agrees to post under the agreed upon posting schedule of their group and will follow the posting format for their game. Players will post a minimum of two paragraphs with their posts, excluding tags, which can be quick responses of just a sentence if necessary. Players may also develop side stories that run parallel to the main plot of the group.

Players are expected to create an original character and this character is considered the property of their writer. Characters will be appropriate for inclusion in our game and must be of a reasonable nature.

Characters belonging to a canon race must follow the characteristics of that race and cannot be of a race that is considered a threat to the Federation without the permission of the Game Master. Original species are permitted as long as they meet the above criteria and their abilities are believable (i.e. they do not possess characteristics that could be perceived as superpowered). A player may participate in more than one game that is a member of the 16th Fleet and may hold the same role in multiple groups.

All players are guaranteed the rank of Ensign upon the approval of their character unless the character is designed to be enlisted crewmember. Players may be assigned a rank or promoted at the discretion of the Game Master of the group they have joined. Promotions above the rank of Commander will be discussed with the Fleet Commander.

All players have the right to request a leave of absence from the game if needed once approved as a player. Players may request Leave through their Game Master. Players may also request permission to transfer to another game if they feel the need to do so.

Players agree when they join that they will not be disruptive to their game or the organization. A player will not attack another player nor will any form of harassment of others be tolerated. As part of this a player will not attack their game nor will they endanger the well-being of their game. This is a group of equality, of positivity, and we will strive to develop an environment conducive to that.

No player will intentionally act to damage the reputation of the game or the 16th Fleet itself. If a player directly observes another player attempting to disrupt the operations of the game or the 16th Fleet it will be reported immediately to the player’s Game Manager or the Fleet Commander for investigation. If a complaint is substantiated the player may be removed from the group. No player will receive financial compensation for membership.

A player may choose to leave the group at any time. A player should inform the Game Manager of this decision via email. Unless they player was proven to be disruptive, the player may apply to return to the group at a later date unless otherwise indicated by the Game Managers. The group reserves the right to dismiss any player as needed.

All players have an equal voice in our game and are encouraged to speak their mind during discussions. Each player is invited to attend our Monthly Membership Meeting where issues of importance that affect the entire group will be discussed. This meeting is optional to attend; however, true decision making is employed at these meetings and choices are made that affect group operations.

This is, in the end, an organization designed to be a safe place for all players to be part of and all players are encouraged to help us build a stronger game where we are free to game.

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