Task Force Phoenix

Phoenix, Zodiac’s largest Task Force. Most of the simulations in 24th century. 

USS Brittanic

NCC 12345

The Britannic, a Nebula class vessel, has turned to healing after the war. With humanitarian missions to help those in need, both friends and old enemies.

Status: Active

USS Gemini

NCC 0622

A new threat looms on the horizon, one which needs making hard choices for survival. Leading the vanguard to face the threat is the USS Gemini.

Status: Active

USS Orion

NCC 74319

The Orion’s mission is to bridge relations with several Romulan factions, promote peace and investigate an unexplored border region.

Status: Active

Langley Station

Starbase 65

Langley Station is strategically positioned near the Cardassian demilitarized zone, in geosynchronous orbit above Lyshan Prime with a Federation colony.

Status: Active

SS Gavia

NCC 2900

The SS Gavia, a civilian vessel with a crew of all walks of life trying to make their living on a former Starfleet vessel.

Status: Active

USS Sarek

NCC 46517

The Sarek, a Sovereign class vessel, is a sim that explores the parallel universe where Romulus never was destroyed. 

Status: Active

IRW Ourainavassa

A freelance ship affiliated with the Romulan Star Empire. Their mission: rescue the refugees, and find somewhere for them to call home… 

Status: Active

Project Destiny

Project Destiny is a clandestine section of Destiny Inc. They do various assignments around the galaxy. From gathering intel to providing security.

Status: Active

USS Aphrodite

The USS Aphrodite, an intrepid class ship based in 2395! Stationed out in the Delta Quadrant! Exploring where the once famed Captain Janeway did!

Status: Active

Your Command?

USS 12345

Do you think you got what it takes to be the next amazing Commanding Officer of a simulation with Zodiac Fleet. If you do, we’d love to hear from you.

Status: In development