Taskgroup Mjolnir

Zodiac Fleet’s Third taskgroup. Named after the hammer of Thor. 

Task Group Coach - Rear Admiral Rex McCormick.

USS Brittanic

The Britannic, a Nebula class vessel, has turned to healing after the war. With humanitarian missions to help those in need, both friends and old enemies.

Status: Active

Deep Space Eighteen

Situated at the Delta Quadrant exit of the Terix Gateway, Deep Space 18 is a recently constructed Starbase that serves as the Federation’s home in this distant realm.

Status: Active

USS Gemini

A new threat looms on the horizon, one which needs making hard choices for survival. Leading the vanguard to face the threat is the USS Gemini

Status: Active

USS Noguru

Once believed lost with all hands far beyond Federation space, the Nogura recently found its way back into Federation hands, and was refitted to take on a mission beyond the boundaries of Federation Space.

Status: Active

USS Valhalla

A freelance ship affiliated with the Romulan Star Empire. Their mission: rescue the refugees, and find somewhere for them to call home… 

Status: Active